6 Indicators That You've Outgrown Your Data Provider

6 Indicators That You've Outgrown Your Data Provider VLMS Global

So many more businesses keep clinging to their data B2B providers, even though such services no longer suit their needs or deliver adequate data. Data that is obsolete or erroneous demands extra effort to update and stops organisations from obtaining the most of their data. Aside from the time-consuming management, depending on obsolete data exposes you to major risks, such as customer unhappiness and privacy violations.

Data intelligence is today used in practically every corporate function, and it is constantly enhanced and strengthened. A competent, advanced data partner will supply more than simply dependable data; they will also provide a tool.

AI is used to generate a list of prospects that is highly targeted. Assists you in achieving your sales and marketing objectives. Reduces present and future dangers. Attempts to incorporate cutting-edge technologies. As a result, most companies are unaware that they have exceeded their data source. When you first started working with your data source, you checked all of the boxes. However, they may not be the greatest option for your company.

Your current data provider isn't delivering the results you want

Data suppliers who are well-rounded will always assist you in improving your business and achieving your goals. That means they must address your organization holistically, always wanting to support you in reaching exceptional results. If your current provider only resolves specific technological issues, it may be time to go.

Always look for a service who respects the individuality of your business rather than approaching you as a commodity. After all, you rely heavily on technology to help you establish credibility as a business. As a result, in order to best assist you, your data partner must be cognizant of both your short- and long-term goals.

You Only See Them When Something Is Wrong

One of your data supplier's many responsibilities is to resolve data problems. You hire your data provider to handle every part of your service. You are not getting a decent return on investment if they just perform one function on a regular basis. Your data partner should evaluate the product on a regular basis in order to anticipate any issues and take aggressive measures to address them. You'll notice substantially less interruption and a more productive overall operation if they're doing their job correctly.

Your business is being hampered by a lack of innovation

To serve your business, your vintage B2B data provider isn't adding new features or improving old ones. This could be due to procrastination or, bad, the fact that you're utilizing a system that's no longer actively promoted. Lack of interaction with CRMs and data-verification processes are two of the most evident indications of this, leading to negative automation capabilities.

Context isn't being provided beyond the contacts

Your sales and marketing relationships are nothing but a list of people, contact numbers, and email addresses if they aren't contextualized. Due to a lack of quality contextual information, many people become locked in a research feedback cycle that starts with Google or LinkedIn and ends in aggravation – or, terrible, failures.

Excessive Cost Increase

As data, capabilities, and connectivity are added, all data companies (like other SaaS products) will eventually raise their pricing. This is a regular part of running business, and you should not be surprised if it happens to you. You don't want to do business with a data partner who raises their rates unexpectedly while unable to improve the service performance. Good data partners place a premium on alerting their customers for potential price hikes while also giving more value to their customers that more than compensates for the expense.

Your service provider is unable to comply with new data regulations

The new GDPR and CCPA legislation make it illegal to track user data without their consent, and it can result in large fines. A few big names in the data industry maintain the method they use to obtain intent data from their customers a secret. Information misuse without authorization, whether deliberate or accidental, can cost a company a lot of money over time. If your data supplier fails to meet data compliance standards, it's time to find a trustworthy data source to avoid any difficulty.

Switch to a Reliable Data Provider

You expect high-quality data from your partner, irrespective of the size of your organization. Switching from one supplier to another, on the other hand, may seem to be tough. There will be fees, disruption, and a negative impact on your sales and marketing efforts. As a result, you'll need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of shifting data partners with your supplier and determine whether now is the right time. Change disruptions and cost advantages, on the other hand, can be minimized to the point of being negligible if well planned and managed.

Here are a few key features that make switching to VLMS Global smoother for B2B companies-

1.       You get access to a wide range of precise B2B contacts as well as the required insights. Every 90 days, we re-verify our data to prevent data deterioration and guarantee that you always obtain the most up-to-date information.

2.       The Industry's Highest Coverage of Work Mobile Numbers- Connection rates have been extraordinarily high when dialing prospects' cell phones. According to a recent study, salespeople who utilize VLMS work mobile numbers are 7X more likely to reach prospects.

3.       Data Completeness- You can rapidly enter in the loopholes in your inbound and event leads, as well as any existing B2B data list, with our data enrichment option. Having complete data allows you to be more focused when prospecting and selling.

4.       Identify Customers with Buying Intention- At any given time, only 15% of organizations are actively hunting for a certain product. VLMS gives you intent data that allows you to find and contact companies that are already looking for a solution, allowing you to jump beyond the early stages of the buying process and shorten your sales cycle.

5.       Find Whom You Need with Research-On-Demand- If the information you're looking for isn't available in our portal, our research team will work with you to determine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and create a personalized list within 48 hours.

6.       Smoothest Onboarding in the Industry- The majority of our clients transfer to VLMS from another data source. Our marketing and support teams are experts at ensuring that VLMS is fully integrated into your tech stack and operations with the least amount of downtime possible. Your personnel will be thoroughly trained and onboarded as well.

7. Continuous Improvement to Stay Aligned with Your Business Objectives- We have all of the information your business requires to grow exponentially. Our excellent customer service, combined with the fine standards of our human-verified data, has allowed our clients to reach out to new prospects they might not have otherwise.