About Us

About Us

The VLMS Advantage

VLMS is recognized as the premier B2B marketing agency offering 360° services. Our employees are equipped with knowledge and experience to quickly solve problems and drive results for our clients. We explore new methods to guide our clients for building long-term relationships.

Our core objective has always been to build strong partnerships along with increasing visibility, conversions, and revenue. VLMS Global is the gold standard for enterprises that are fishing for lead generation and business development.

Our experienced team has exclusively serviced multinational companies at various stages of sales. From boosting high quality leads, improving web traffic to negotiating deals, we have been adding value throughout our clients’ sales pipeline.

Our story

How it all started We’re a little (ok, a lot) different from most companies our size. It works for us, but it isn’t for everyone.

VLMS Global started life as a global service provider in 2014. The company started operations from the Pune city (India), also known as ‘Oxford of East’. Within the first year of operations, VLMS grew its head count to 45 employees.

We pioneered many sales tactics that would become industry-firsts in the lead generation segment. We branched out into business intelligence and market research studies and things pretty much picked up from then on.

Today, VLMS Global is home to more than 100 employees and has carried out 350+ campaigns with 100,000+ leads delivered every year.

Our Story