Sales efficiency obstacles and how to tackle them?

Sales efficiency obstacles and how to tackle them? VLMS Global

Sales efficiency is considered the bedrock of any successful business. However, the business landscape constantly evolves, and fluctuations frequently occur. Attaining favorable sales efficiency can be challenging. The sales workforce often counter various barriers that can hamper their work engagement and affect the bottom line. Here, we will discuss the leading sales efficiency barriers that businesses tackle today and provide quality solutions to handle them. 

From unimpressive communication to relevant training and development, we will offer a profound overview of how to smooth your sales process, elevate your team’s performance, and creatively accelerate more revenue for the business. Let’s dive in and review some top sales efficiency obstacles and how to encounter them successfully. 

Obstacle 1

Is the account qualified or not?

Finding out whether an account is qualified is the most significant sales efficiency challenge. Sales teams usually waste time and resources working on accounts that don’t fit their ideal customer profile. This can lead to a prolonged or never-ending sales process. Ensuring that the version the team is working on is qualified is crucial. 

It means that they need your product or service and can buy it. Also, they should fit within your target market criteria. To be honest, if the account is not qualified, your team may be wasting their time and resources. This may even affect their productivity and may lead to missed business and growth opportunities. 

To tackle this challenge, you should have a clear picture of your ICP. Your ICP can be a brief description of the type of customer that is likely to benefit from your product or service. This includes industry, location, company size, and job title. Once your ICP is defined, you can move on to account-based marketing. 

Obstacle 2- 

Analyzing if they are ready to purchase or not

Whether an account is ready to buy is the second challenge in sales efficiency. This is also known as buyer intent. Analyzing the buyer’s intent is crucial in understanding how to approach them and what kind of message should be used. If a customer is not ready to buy at the moment, your team should focus on nurturing relationships with them until they are prepared to make a purchase.

To encounter this challenge, you'll need to focus on finding accounts showing buying intent. The perfect way is to analyze their behavior on your website. Using practical tools, you can track which pages they visit, how long they are browsing on your site, and whether they click or download any content. This data can help you know whether an account is ready to make a purchase. However, the barrier with this is that you may need help getting the information, particularly to an account. This information can be more generic.

Obstacle 3-

Reaching out to the right people

Can you identify and reach the right people in a company who are the right decision-makers? You must be in touch with the decision-makers, influencers, and stakeholders who will be most influential or can make the decision. Many times sales teams cannot get in touch with the right decision-makers, which wastes time and resources. It does not matter how impactful your B2B sales strategy is; if you reach the right decision-maker, your sales will surely succeed. Additionally, it’s crucial to have the right and updated contact information of decision-makers.

To tackle this challenge, you should first be able to observe the buying center for the organization. A buying center is a group of individuals responsible for sales or buying decisions. 

Take your decisions smartly and look at each minor possibility that could hamper your sales. Train your sales team about tackling these challenges.