Content distribution channels are crucial for demand generation

Content distribution channels are crucial for demand generation VLMS Global

It will not have a remarkable impact on your business if your content is excellent, but is not having a solid content distribution network. This will create barriers to generating revenue and demand for your product. Content, today, is the most profitable tool for marketers to establish a strong presence in the market. Your content must appear at the front for a potential customer. While the customer is searching or browsing about any services in their ideal time, your company should seem at first. This is why the content distribution channel should be always taken into consideration. 

You will observe magic when the ideal customer jumps in and get your content at the channel which they enjoy the most. Internet and social media usage helps you to understand when the customer is in the state of final purchasing or when he can be considered as a potential lead. B2B and B2C content distribution can be misunderstood as the same, but they are totally different. Let’s focus on B2B content distribution channels in this blog.

What type of content should be created?

Usually, long-form content is impressive has some focused keywords, and is informative in nature. Customers' attention can only be grabbed with engaging content containing the keyword that the customer was looking for. You can post this content on your website and social media platforms. 

These long-form content could be videos and blogs which can actually help you to create and manage a top-of-the-sales funnel. Furthermore, white papers, podcasts, and case studies could lead you to the middle of the funnel. At last, the goal is to make them active for filling out a form that is at the bottom of the funnel.

What are content distribution channels?

There is no sense in generating content if you are not posting it somewhere. Content distribution channels are platforms in which marketers promote and post their content. There are certain channels where you can post and publish content for promotion and results will help you to generate leads. B2B marketing has mainly three types of channels:

Owned media

Any internet asset that is owned by you and you control the activities on it is known as owned media. Your websites, blogs, and social media platforms are the best examples of owned media. This is where you will publish the content that is generated by your content team. 

Earned Media

Earned media can be understood as the reactions that other people and platforms create about your content. It cannot be created or paid for by you. Earned media is really valuable rather than owned media as it is an organic opinion. 

Top organic distribution platforms for B2B marketing


Reaching the top of the search result is a big thing but not enough. You can use other Google services to make your presence more visible. 


Just after Google, YouTube is the other biggest search engine. YouTube channel gives you better authority, opportunity and audience reach to get your video content ranked on the web. All required is the optimization of tiles. Tags and descriptions. 


LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketers. More than 99 percent of businesses and business leaders use LinkedIn actively. Posting content on LinkedIn will create a great impact on your business. 


Twitter is good for sharing views and opinions. You can use it in the same way. Post your content on Twitter and if the content is impressive you will get immediate responses and even you can trend on it. 

Not only this, other content distribution channels are TikTok, Quora, and many others. It is all about the quality of content and if it is engaging then you can sit back and witness the magic.