Top-of-the-funnel tasks that ensures a smooth conclusion

Top-of-the-funnel tasks that ensures a smooth conclusion VLMS Global

The internet's increasing use has multiplied the audience your B2B app can reach. Many businesses have observed and witnessed high growth in the number of visitors, but this also means that competition will also increase. As this is the era of multiple options, customers today have a variety of options, and you have to find new ways to keep your customers by your side. The traditional way of operations may not work today, you have to reframe your existing strategies or frame new strategies from the scratch. 

A sales funnel seems to be like a pipeline of leads under which leads flow step by step. The funnel starts with the leads who are aware of your product and you want them to stay until they make a purchase. At the top of the funnel (TOFU), meaning when people know about your product, you need to serve from the front to generate awareness and demand. 

Stages of the funnel

The sales funnel joins the dots for a buyer's journey as they start first finding out about your company to finally making a purchase. This helps in customizing the marketing campaigns according to the people. 

Top of the funnel

The top-of-the-funnel stage is all about awareness. Here, marketers utilize a growth marketing strategy to grab the eye and minds of customers. For example, businesses might tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and content marketing. 

Finding different customer profiles is crucial in top-of-the-funnel marketing. Marketers should be aware of the likes and dislikes of their target audience so they can advertise in the best way possible. 

Most of the businesses use this phase to gather information about customers like contact numbers and email addresses on a web page. Then, these potential customers can easily be shifted to the next sales funnel stage. 


The middle-of-the-funnel stage is all about developing the interest of the people in your contact list. Marketers here can send engaging ling-form content which may include e-booklets, case studies, and white papers to increase lead retention. This nourishes the relationship with potential customers so that they will prefer your products and services and the name of your company whenever they decide to make a purchase. 

Bottom of the funnel

The bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) stage is when the customer makes a purchasing decision. As a result, it's also said to be the decision or action stage.

This is the time when you have created a strong foundation of relationships with your customers. They are now trusting your company and are among the regular site visitors. With certain tools, you can easily track the buyer’s journey whenever he is ready to purchase. Bottom-of-the-funnel makes the final push hers. Strategies like trail extensions, demonstrations, consultations, and discount flags can reduce the challenges of purchasing and product or service. 

The joint operation of sales and marketing teams at the top-of-the-funnel

  • The right marketing strategy

The sales team has the experience and is well aware of how many leads will end up with final purchases. This straightaway means that they can help you in personalizing your marketing strategy to target the audience who are likely to buy in the future. 

  • CRM alignment

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses in automating their operation and tasks.  It gives the marketing and sales teams a centralized platform. Both teams can access each other’s data through which they can work together for a common goal. 

  • Lead generation

Not every lead is the same. Some perspectives are casually interested in your content and product, but will not make a final purchase. Some leads are qualified and these prospects show their interest in becoming a potential customer who will purchase in the future. 

  • Testimonials

Social proof is a crucial decision driver. Testimonials from past customers whom you have served and who liked your services will put more weight on advertisements.

The sales team must get wonderful testimonials from loyal and long-term customers. The marketing team can further use these testimonials and post them to places that can create an impact like on websites and various platforms.

There are many other ways to create an impact on customers through the sales funnel. A sales funnel strategy that is utilized properly can benefit a business amazingly.