Avoid accepting inferior customer support from your data provider

Avoid accepting inferior customer support from your data provider VLMS Global

We can all agree that the customers' happiness and achievement are essential to the growth of the company. Therefore you want them to know how much you value them. Even when we don't want to, we occasionally take actions that frustrate or even offend our consumers. Once a consumer has paid you, though, they need to have confidence that you will provide prompt and helpful customer service.

Top 5 factors that cause a rude customer experience

  • Long waiting time

Long wait durations are often considered to be the most unpleasant aspect of customer service. Similar to requests, the fastest return time is crucial for assistance since slow response times put customers in jeopardy of leaving a company.

  • Untrue commitments

If you offer a false commitment in response to the customer's grievance, the problem can grow worse. Customers almost invariably decide not to renew their contract when salespeople make commitments to close a sale that is later broken in the contract. Such dishonest and unethical behavior is represented by such salespeople. Nevertheless, you can find these behaviors everywhere in the SaaS sector, particularly in the data sector. One of the top companies in the data industry received a concern from a customer who was unhappy with the way their case was handled and who had been given false promises by their sales representative.

  • Being transferred again and again

Customers who were asked what most irritates them in a different survey mentioned being shuffled around. Specifically, transferring from one department or support agent to another. If this has ever happened to you, you are aware of how upsetting it is. Many of our clients had negative experiences with a B2B data supplier that was publicly listed. They were unable to terminate their auto-renewal arrangement with them since they were caught in it.

  • Perceived rude behavior

We all dislike rudeness but hardly do we consider that at times the way we say things even when we don't want them to be might come off as harsh. Because of this, it is crucial to have the appropriate tone when providing customer support.

This frequently occurs with companies that have a bigger customer base and are more focused on generating new revenue than keeping their present clients. This frequently takes the form of failing to respond to customers' inquiries promptly, which makes them more inclined to leave.

  • Poor upsells

Upselling can be advantageous for both the client and the supplier. Customers get the chance to try the product and may more clearly evaluate how new features would assist them without having to make a large upfront commitment. It goes without saying that a vendor will benefit much from increasing revenue from an existing customer. Upsells and cross-sells can therefore be advantageous to all parties when done effectively. 

Data industry customer service: A virtuous or vicious cycle?

There are several B2B data suppliers who prioritize money over clients. Customer requirements are not only ignored by the vicious loop; they are also openly taken advantage of. Customers are left feeling trapped and upset because it prioritizes profits over people and adheres to the overlord philosophy of tightly controlling customers and the product. Instead of providing excellent customer service, it bolts customers in through stringent policies and financial incentives. More than half of consumers have switched from one brand to a rival that has managed to remain more relevant and better meet their demands.

Switch to VLMS Global service

Our customer support staff act effectively and tirelessly to provide top-notch service. We make sure that our team has the human and technological resources they require to perform excellently. We consider that offering mediocre customer service does not turn into mainstream success. Our team is constantly prepared to provide a rapid response time in keeping with the shift in client expectations for immediate service.

Before a contract is signed, VLMS Global works to ensure integrity by informing its clients of even the smallest information. Nothing, no fine print, no auto-renewals, no hidden fees. For your corporation to flourish, change to a data source that adds value to your business and take it to a new level. Upgrade your company's B2B data integrity, availability, and services.