5 considerations you should make when selecting a B2B data source

5 considerations you should make when selecting a B2B data source VLMS Global

The success of any sales team is powered by data. To acquire prospects, filter leads based on intent, and find the right people to contact for your target ICP, you need contact data, intent data, technographic, and firmographics. Your ability to reach people is the foundation of all of your marketing and sales operations. Data is essential, and your business depends on it. You want the best available, which necessitates partnering with reputable B2B data suppliers. But what specifically should you be searching for when you shop?

Here are five things to consider when choosing a B2B data service-

  1. Quality is crucial

Avoid falling for marketing hype highlighting a sizable database as the primary justification for selecting them. Beyond the provider's total amount of data points, you should assess much more.

Accuracy should be the one area in which your B2B service truly shines. If the database is unusable, its size is largely meaningless. You don't want to pay for data that is machine-processed, out-of-date, missing information, or buried behind different paywalls.

Since contacts' job titles, locations, and firms change often, it is hard to ensure accuracy at 100%, but acceptable B2B data suppliers should get as near as they can. Our contacts at VLMS have been confirmed by professionals.

  1. Cold calling is still beneficial

Even while email still dominates first sales outreach, there are several advantages to making a phone call. In contrast to an email that can be disregarded or routed to junk mail, your sales staff can speak with prospects directly, learn about their problems, and quickly provide tailored solutions.

Unfortunately, if they aren't given any phone numbers to call, the salespeople will struggle. Many B2B data vendors have loopholes in their data, keeping phone fields unfilled or replacing them with the general line for the company's headquarters. This may be sitting idle as many people still work from home. For salespeople, reaching the decision-maker might be extremely difficult and lead to call resistance.

Ensure the ability to reach decision-makers directly for your salespeople. You will not only get critical time back, but you will also improve your chances of closing deals and advancing the sales process.

  1. A trail is necessary

You should be allowed to trial-run B2B data provider's solutions if they are confident in them. Any B2B data providers you take into consideration ought to promote, or at the very least provide a chance for, testing and sampling their data before committing to their service. A warning sign is having to enter anything blindly. Be cautious, please. Without checking it out for yourself, there is no way to verify their claims about data accuracy.

  1. Read before signing

It's usually true if something seems too wonderful to be true. What you may anticipate from your collaboration with your B2B data supplier should be open and honest with you. Legal issues resulting from the data you are using are the very last thing you would want. Verify again that the provider's data complies with all applicable data usage rules. Your data supplier ought to keep thorough records of how they get data and the purposes for which it may be put to use.

  1. Consider reviews

What opinions are there about your preferred provider? Make sure your service provider has a solid reputation for offering excellent customer service and prompt solutions. You want to make sure that you're regarded as a priority because a problem might frequently put your entire team on hold.

Don't overlook the finest option

Our customers have been able to connect with new prospects because of the high quality of our human-verified data and top-notch customer support. Get your workforce the assistance they require to increase productivity and income.

With features like buyer intent signals, data enrichment, technographic and firmographic filters, and more, VLMS can help you access millions of human-verified B2B contacts and optimize the value of the data.