5 proven revenue driven content marketing trends

5 proven revenue driven content marketing trends VLMS Global

Content marketing has always been interesting and engaging, especially B2B content marketing. B2B content is always creative, intriguing and customer-centric. Every year, new trends and technologies are introduced in the world of business and marketing. Content marketers have to make sure what they are planning and implementing. The true lordship of any content marketer is to understand how to use the content as a revenue-generating tool. A good content piece can affect the buying decision and the customer who may have visited for browsing can actually turn into a potential customer.
It is really crucial for marketers to create heart winning content for customers as this can boost their revenue as well. After all, in the end, business is all about revenue, profits, customer reach and base. Let’s dive deeper to explore trends in content marketing. 

  • Human focused storytelling

Connecting with the audience and building a strong customer relationship comes from authenticity and trust. Customers will be more loyal and initiate repetitive purchases when they feel your brand is authentic and trustworthy. This is why human focused storytelling is more important for B2B marketers. The content should be a package of the audience's needs, emotions, motivations and real facts that help them to connect and stay loyal to your brand. 

  • Content generated through AI

Artificial intelligence is not a new buzz, it’s been for a long time now. So, implementing it with business and its operations is not a surprise now. However, from a content perspective, AI can actually be very useful. The automation in content creation improves relevancy and seems to be very intriguing. Also, AI-generated content saves time, resources and effort. Although, it is not a replacement for human intelligence and content created by humans. 

  • Product-led content marketing

There is a trend in B2B marketing, where marketers are switching to product-led content marketing. With the utilization of content to drive the experience and deliver great service to customers, businesses can build their brand image, showcase their expertise and keep themselves in a dominant position. But there are certain points; not everyone can carry it correctly, if carried incorrectly, and the consequences can be risky. So, to avoid such a situation, it is really important to understand the audience and personalize the content as per their needs and preferences. 

  • Content charge to revenue

It was past when content was just about gaining information or just good to have. Today, content is one of the pillars of revenue growth drivers. But marketers have to realize which content piece is driving the leads and conversion rates. Through content attribution, businesses can gain better and deep insights into content performance. With this, they can optimize, improve and personalize content as per the requirements for better results. 

Bottom line

Today, content is the most powerful and revenue-generating solution for B2B marketers. It will continue to help marketers to build their brand image and goodwill in the market. Marketers just need to implement data-driven and sophisticated content marketing strategies to gain many benefits.